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Concrete sculptures of lions in Nizhnekamsk

Скульптуры львов в Нижнекамске

Concrete statues of lions in Nizhnekamsk:

Another pair of our magnificent defenders of the main entrance went to the Beautiful city of Nizhnekamsk! These lions are made by technology of vibrolit’ya of high strength moisture resistant architectural concrete and painted moisture-resistant and frost resistant facade paint with a Golden hue. This paint is very long lasting and perfectly conveys the richness of Golden hue. Especially nice is the paint looks in natural sunlight.

sculptures of lions

This pair of sculptures was commissioned to decorate the main entrance. Clients without supports. Their role marble pedestals. A pair of lions at the entrance to the house is a classic decoration since ancient times. Lion – a symbol of wealth, power and nobility. This technique of architectural decoration was actively used by the Russian nobility and elite merchants in the era of Neoclassicism. Thus, they would be emphasized that stood on one level with an honorary knighthood.

statues of lions in concrete in Nizhnekamsk

With great pleasure we Express our gratitude to our customers – Rinas and Wasim. This is a very intelligent and considerate couple. Because of the clarity of the questions and understanding the desired, selection of products and colors, as well as coordination of shipping method and payment was very fast. The process of waiting for delivery is always very exciting, especially when it comes to intercity transport. I felt like Rinas and Wasim was worried about the upcoming delivery and safety of cargo.. That’s why we strive to make the process of packing and delivery as transparent as possible and to remove all the organizational “gems” from the shoulders of these good people. Fortunately, they were satisfied. And we are happy to add to your card orders beautiful city of Nizhnekamsk!

Very happy! We are surprised that in such a short time our order is executed and without the hassle brought. Good Luck To You!


shipping sculptures to Nizhnekamsk:

hard crate Lviv

shipping pair of lions to Nizhnekamsk Business Lines was – 7 of 171.00

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a sculpture of a Royal lion
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