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Garden fountain concrete for the garden in Domodedovo

Садовый фонтан в домодедово

Garden fountain concrete for the garden in Domodedovo

This garden fountain in Domodedovo we installed in the spring 2016го. Occasion to recall it was the repeated request of the family of a customer wanting to order another gift for his birthday. We are always pleased to make such orders, as it is the best indicator of the quality of our work. In such cases, we put the customer not only pleasant bonuses for re-treatment, but a series of questions about the products from the last order. This feedback is incredibly useful to us. It gives us the opportunity to soberly assess the real life paints, hardware and concrete. As often, a paint manufacturer and equipment says the warranty periods given the characteristics of the Russian winter. And this is one of the most frequent questions from our new customers. We are also interested in all the nuances associated with caring for a garden fountain. Did the customer our tips on caring for garden fountain, or discover new chips. Every new object is a treasure trove of information. And we are glad to have it all, instead of sharing experiences, and happy to pass it on to new customers.

Description of the fountain and vases

In this order on the garden fountain was attended by the following articles of Royal Architecture:


All the products were made in the original color – white gold. This is a very durable paint which is perfectly resistant to contact with moisture and temperature changes. This shade goes well with brick walls in different colors. Well “playing” in the sun and looks noble at sunset.

as a nozzle for water spraying was chosen as “the dome”. This type of nozzle is rarely chosen as main, because of the peculiarities of the drawing of water. This is because water is sprayed in the form of a dome, resembling a fine fabric. And the flow of wind of moderate strength that opens up this fabric, breaking the overall pattern. But if the site is protected from constant winds, this picture undoubtedly fits this fountain. Such a dome, enveloping mermaids a delicate stream of water, puts the fountain of generosity and unique charm.

This video was made directly after installation. But looks like this fountain a year later:

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