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Garden fountain concrete for the house in Odintsovo

Garden fountain made of concrete in color antique bronze

One of the best assessments of our activities is re-treatment of customers after two or three years. After all, the life of garden products made from concrete and paint on them becomes the main question when buying. Many of our customers make a test purchase small products, such as the small sculpture of a lion that after a year, assessing the resistance of paint and concrete, to order a large garden fountain. It often happens that the team gives him our product, and after some time the hero of the day turn to us for purchase. The situation is similar with wonderful customer and his Director of Odintsovo. 3 years ago Sergey on behalf of the team gave Vyacheslav pair of Royal lions in antique bronze as decoration of the entrance to the house. Three years later, we again asked for assistance with a gift – a garden fountain made of concrete Mermaid.

Installation of garden fountain made of concrete

an Interesting feature of this order was that the place of installation of the fountain to the fence there were the distance of 28 metres. This meant that a conventional crane is not able to establish a solid pool for the fountain, weighing 1500kg. Came to the aid of a 32-ton crane. Our elegant mermaid re-hung at height of bird’s flight!) A fascinating spectacle.

the Result of the installation of the fountain

ultimately, the pool garden mermaid fountain found its place. In a trace behind him went the crab stand. Then the sculpture of mermaids and seashells in hand sculpture. The fountain was assembled and zagermetizirovat, the hardware is connected. Left click the start button and contemplate the soothing

after a while the customer improved a lawn around a garden fountain and kindly sent us a video:

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