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Garden fountain for restaurant Edward

садовый фонтан русалки в золотом цвете

a fountain for the restaurant

The fountain restaurant is a universal tool for decoration of establishments of almost any style. This decoration arouses wide interest among the guests and pleasing to the eye staff. The garden fountain has a unique property of attraction to his visitors of all ages. Small guests find it a welcome distraction and an opportunity to play with the squirt, the adults – the harmony and tranquility of playful iridescence of water. This fountain is very refreshing sight in the hot summer. It becomes a harmonious addition to the summer garden, which is an integral part of most cosy, family-run establishments family type.

fountain Size Mermaid for a restaurant in the suburbs

This order was executed one of the classic garden fountain from the Royal Architecture – Garden fountain Mermaid with a solid bowl. This fountain consists of a basin with a cast bottom and a discreet pattern on the sides. This pool requires a minimum of actions to prepare the site for installation. Enough to prepare a smooth surface of concrete or pavers. It is very convenient. No more gluing and a long dirty installation. Everything is clean, fast and durable! As a core for the fountains were selected sculptures of mermaids – bright person of an ethnic group associated with the water element. In the hands of the mermaids shell that hides the water spray – dome, geyser or cascade (optional). Sculptures of mermaids is installed on a stand – Krab, in which is hidden a powerful pump submersible type. It pumps the water column through a silicone hose in the body of a mermaid.

Garden fountain made of concrete
Size of garden fountain made of concrete

delivery and installation of the fountain

Due to the solid pool delivery, installation and installation of this fountain much easier than similar operations with a stacked pool. In this order, a customer was tech-savvy and after 2-3 refiners have formed a complete view on how and in what sequence to install. A group of workers gathered and started the fountain for a couple of days, given that one day was spent on painting the bottom of the pool in your own paint with the original color of a sea wave. Shipping of this fountain was made by crane and cost 9000R.

Photo of the fountain in the installation process:

As the color of the solution was chosen in the classic gold. This exterior paint destination perfectly resistant to moisture and low temperatures. Decorative properties of paint have proven themselves and won the love of our buyers due to the remarkable accuracy in the transmission of the precious glitter of the precious metal. The black paint adds a touch of antiquity and recalls ancient sculptures in the merchant’s parks and expensive houses.

Photo of the fountain in the installation process:

fountain restaurant
Garden fountain mermaid

We are sincerely glad to acquaintance with the customer. Edward is an undeniable optimist. This man does not lose his spirits and with a smile greets each new day. Obviously, this quality makes it a winner all over. This is the case, when the customer after a couple of suggestions cuts all norms of tact “customer-seller” goes to the friendly “you”, but does it so naturally and kindly, that he wants to make not just a good product, but to show up like a good comrade, and together they share the joy of the work done! And, of course, it’s hard to deny discounts)

Edward, thank you!

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a Short video with a fountain and a fluffy friend:

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