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Garden fountain for the garden in New Moscow

садовый фонтан для дачи

Garden fountain for garden concrete

Garden fountain for garden is a long-standing means of decorating courtyards and garden plots. We became witnesses of how the fountain enlivens the plot. The sound of water, noble cascades of the Central composition, the original game color bronze decorative paint create a full range of sensations, which wishes to each owner of the house, returning after a hard day’s work.

One of these lucky owners became Sergey from New Moscow. The station, Sergei is great, and there is where carousing. Originally, the fountain was planned to pay for the construction of the gazebo. But the gazebo has found a comfortable place near the house, so neat equal area was left without a purpose. Until then, while the other man advised him to set the fountain. And so began our story)

Description of mermaid fountain

Sergey decided to order garden fountain mermaid with 4 pots. Solid bowl diameter 235см greatly simplifies the process of installation of the fountain, and, as a consequence, lifespan. The Central composition is in the form of two mermaids, in whose hands the bowl-shell, original, adorns the whole composition, reminding us of the stories of favorite fairy tales. 4 pot at diametrically opposite edges of the Cup visually enlarge the base of the fountain, which is particularly important on large areas.


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