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Garden fountain in bronze on the New Riga

Royal fountain with one-piece pool on the New Riga

This garden fountain in the New Riga we have prepared for Alexander the LCD of the Artek. In the area near the home had prepared a small area with a group of beautiful wrought-iron benches and showy garden plants. The center of the site was a circular flower bed, which the landlord decided to replace with something a little more original and spectacular. The perfect solution was the garden fountain. Mermaids and girls with a jug did not want, so the choice fell quickly enough to the classic two – the Royal fountain with one-piece pool with a diameter of 235см. Color choices were also made very quickly, since neighboring forged benches asked the bronze.

After being prepared concrete pad and removed the power cable, we started the installation. From the entrance of the crane to the installation site were more than 10m, and this is the way shared a high fence. To resolve this issue helped us Ivanovets 25tn.

installation of the fountain
fountain Installation on the New Riga

the Weather these days were delightful, so installation took more than two days. Everything went well and according to plan. Fountain perfectly fit into the ensemble of small architectural forms on the site. Classic bronze plays beautifully in the sun. Subsequently, the area around the fountain was decorated with white pebbles.

Particularly impressive fountain looks in the evening.Underwater lights on the bottom of the pool perfectly highlights the decorative elements of the fountain. Photocell activates the backlight automatically at sunset.

Video garden fountain in the New Riga

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