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Garden fountain made of concrete in bronze in LCD Petrovsky

Садовый фонтан из бетона

Garden fountain made of concrete in the bronze color:

This order came to us from the exhibition at the New Riga. Customer – the head of a large construction company, so all aspects of the approval order passed clearly and quickly. However, as you might expect, the requirements for punctuality and strict adherence to the plan has reached the maximum level.

This garden fountain was a classic cascade option with whole bowl diameter 235см. To date, the analogue of this fountain is the Royal fountain, which you can order and get it after 14 days.

the fountain was ordered a complete set of equipment that includes lights, pump, set of nozzles, remote control and so on.

the Main difficulty with which we had to cope was the intended installation site. It was the site with paving stones in the backyard. The house was quite high and the site was at a considerable distance from the fence, so set the bowl weight 1500kg crane was impossible.

I had to improvise


установка фонтана из бетона

Photos made directly after installation.

Especially spectacular this fountain looks great lit at night.

You can order this fountain, or choose another here – garden fountains.

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