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Golden lions at the entrance to the house

скульптуры львов у дома

Sculptures of lions in the CHT Conversion

Lions at the entrance to the house is a historically proven option for decorating the home. This noble predator, who is justly styled the King of beasts, has always been associated exclusively with worthy qualities of a leader, a warrior, a leader. A pair of sculptures at the entrance to the house is the symbol of the amulet, the symbol of excellence and of noble power, which was vested in the owners of the house. Exactly. see this image most of the guests who came to Your house.

the Data ordering is received by us in the fall and the negotiation phase went surprisingly quickly. Usually, even those clients who used to make decisions clearly and unambiguously, requires some amount of time for the sake of definiteness, the understanding of the size and characteristics of the product. In this case, the customer knew everything “by heart”. Later it turned out that our lions hunted.. saw Them last year and waited a moment. The predators themselves are the victim:) it was Especially nice to hear that stair railings are specifically made strictly on the size of the sculpture. Of course, the process of installation is done as quickly as possible. The lion immediately “got” in its place.

Pictures of lions at the entrance to the house:

Frontal photos, exciting all the steps, looks particularly impressive. Symmetrical lions with open mouth shimmer with precious metal:

львы у входа
Buy a sculpture of a lion made of concrete
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