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Large garden fountain in Smolensk

Садовый фонтан в Смоленске

Garden fountain in Smolensk. The Palace with mermaids. The concrete in bronze

the Order for this garden fountain in Smolensk did last fall. The customer has carefully prepared the stage for the fountain, and has done impressive work on landscaping the surrounding area. I must admit, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of attention to detail. It was felt that for the customer it is not just the element of garden decor. It’s definitely more. It is the center of the courtyard. It is an indispensable part of the appearance of the house overall, as a concept. Is that not just decorate, but creates the mood. What ultimately becomes an indispensable piece of the puzzle in the overall picture of his home. will not be superfluous to note and how nice to work with people accurately who know what they want. After the first minutes of communication has become absolutely clear that the overall picture has long been painted in the head of Dmitry. Moreover, this light head has already spelled out all the technical aspects, including water purification system, issues with the arrangement of the crane, the plan for the care of the fountain. Garden fountain Palace is a large and serious structure that requires appropriate attention. And with proper care, he says gives the audience all the power of its beauty will not leave you indifferent. I can assure you, this fountain was in good hands.

unfortunately, the weather that year did not allow us to get to work. So patiently we wait until the next years.

the Production of garden fountain to Smolensk

Time we had with the stock. New heated shop allowed guests to prepare all products, paying attention to each element of the fountain.

fountain Installation

This fountain consists of more than 40 parts. At the base correct 6-gon. Each of the lower elements of the pool plant on a sealed tile adhesive, then set basically part of the basin, including fish. Often the bottom of the pool later spread beautiful tiles. This case is no exception. The Central leg is set on a stand with a cavity inside in which to hide 2 powerful pump. At the bottom of the pool, each fish is installed underwater lamp, light from which is, effectively refracted in the water illuminates the stem. In the bowl under the mermaid also has 3 of the lamp. In the nod, In the hands of the mermaids is a nozzle spraying water. Of 3 spray options. But in our opinion, for this fountain the most successful variant is a geyser.

the Rain did not allow us to run this beauty this year. Delayed start for spring! Wait for the photos, dear reader!

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