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Lion masks for the Moscow Philharmonic

фонтан в концертном зале чайковского

Mascarones Lions for a concert hall of Tchaikovsky

The majority of our orders is production. We cast products in finished forms that took on our created models. It is placed on the flow of a process in which to emphasize the individuality can only be one or another variant of a paint or method of its application.

Often we are approached with a completely different task: to create a fundamentally new product, strictly meeting customer’s requirements in shape, characteristics and size.

One of such orders was an appeal to the leadership of the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky to take part in the restoration of the marble fountain in one of the halls of the Philharmonic.

the Task was very clear – to achieve maximum compliance with the original masks on the fountain originally. As the main source of information was offered to the only surviving photo of the 50-ies where the fountain was still decorated with the face of this noble beast.

Fountain at the Tchaikovsky concert hall

the photo Quality is not allows us to discern the shape of the muzzle of a lion, its color and size. The staff of the Philharmonic, told us the approximate size, based on correlations with natural dimensions tables.

After approval of the sketches, we began modeling the form out of clay:

After another meeting it was decided to tweak the features of the muzzle for more aggressive and slightly reduce the size. Fixed on the face took shape, and molded samples and went for a fitting:

This form was approved, but later, after a collegial management meetings, it was decided to reduce the size of the mask to achieve maximum compliance with the original. The end result looks like this:

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