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Pair of concrete lion statues in gold in the Shcherbenka

скульптуры львов

Golden lions in the Shcherbenka

Another pair of guards concrete in the gold is left in the Moscow suburb of Shcherbinka. Now these stone predators guard the entrance to the house. The combination of a pair of sculptures and wrought-iron staircases with elements in the patina has enriched the entrance to the house with new colors and mood. Royal sculptures of lions made of architectural high-strength and durable concrete. Exterior paint with a faux bronze is very durable and maintains appearance even after a few winters. The sculpture has quite a considerable weight – 130 kg, so it was not easy to lift this couple up and install in their future place. However, this weight eliminates the risk of dropping the product or it is stolen. Due to such massiveness, these sculptures do not necessarily need to be fixed by glue or anchor.


Скрипт выполнялся 1.4855 сек.