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Sculptures of eagles on fence posts

статуи орлов на заборе

Statues of eagles from the concrete on fence posts:

Recently, we described in detail the order for fountain for restaurant in the suburbs for Edward. Edward, our sincere joy, became a regular customer and after some time ordered two beautiful sculptures of eagles to decorate the entrance. Article these noble birds since ancient times, widely used for the decoration of the parapets of houses and pole fences. The eagle is a symbol of courage, Lord of the sky, the Herald of victory. This sculpture enriches the perfectly ordinary sight of a massive gate and enriches their monumentality exquisitely elaborated form of the proud bird.

One of the most frequent questions related to this sculpture is the mounting. The sculpture has impressive weight and to eliminate the risk of falling sculptures we have provided the anchor coming out of polasara on which stands an eagle. This anchor is welded to the reinforced corset, which consists of a sculpture of an eagle. This anchor is placed in the hole in the pole, and the lower part polasara apply tile adhesive to the exterior. Thus, the sculpture is firmly attached to the pole and the risk of a fall or displacement is eliminated completely.

Also often asked about the “mirror effect” sculptures of eagles. These sculptures do not have left and right forms. The sculpture looks straight, it has slight turn of the head in a clockwise direction. This tilt is negligible and when observing the sculpture from a distance of 2-3 meters is almost imperceptible.

The sculpture can be painted in different colors, including a combination of colors. One of the most common combination is a Golden sculpture of an eagle and the black stand in the form of poluchasa.

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sculptures of eagles on the fence
sculptures of Golden eagles on the fence
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