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Sculptures of lions for office in a large company

статуи львов

sculptures of lions for office in the suburban Fork

Most of our sculptures and fountains purchased on the street. That is why we spend a large amount of attention and resources on achieving the maximum long service life of products in constant contact with moisture and low temperatures. However, not seldom the products bought in the apartment, house or restaurant to the office. Sculptures of lions for office is an interesting and original gift! It is this order came to us before the New year. This is an original gift in the form of two the Royal lions in antique bronze had to decorate the entrance area of the office center.

Photos of the statues of lions made directly after installation, so they don’t show all the delights of the antique paint in rays of bright directional light. Subsequently, the sculpture was sent bright diode lamps with smooth and soft light, which greatly accentuated the beauty of these sculptures.

We have repeatedly mentioned that the lion is the symbol of power, wisdom and strength. I think that’s why this gift was well appreciated as the owners of this beautiful successful development of the company, its guests and employees.

Big thanks to Andrew for good communication and constructive cooperation! We have pleasant memories from this order and we will be glad to Your new visit to the Royal Architecture!)

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статуя льва
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