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Sculptures of lions gift for mom

Белые скульптуры львов

Sculptures of the Royal lions in white “antique”

Royal Sculptures of lions are often bought as a gift. This is an original way to give a beautiful decoration for your beloved home. Usually sculptures of lions presented on the anniversary of your father, husband or friend. Often they are bought and ladies. For yourself and as a gift to beloved mother. One of the last orders was. Charming girl Yana decided to give the beloved mom a unique gift in the form of two heavily distressed white lions. The task was to achieve maximum similarity with stone sculptures that adorn the many estates and parks in and around Moscow.

бетонный лев
скульптура льва из бетона
белая скульптура льва

After last winter Ian kindly shared with us photos of sculptures in their new location. The photo can be clearly seen that the paint endures moisture and low temperatures. Particularly impressive lions look in the evening hours.

special thanks to Yana. I have left the Brightest emotions from communicating with You. All accurately and in a timely manner. And most importantly – with a smile)) Thank you!

Thank you !!!! Nice !!! Mom happy, and that’s the thing! Do parents gratefulness !!!!


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