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Sculptures of lions in Belgorod

скульптуры львов в Белгороде

Garden sculptures lions in Belgorod for private homes

A pair of beautiful lion sculptures left to decorate private home in the beautiful city of Belgorod. Lion figures traditionally serve as classic decoration for the entrance to the house. They symbolize power, strength, power and nobility. This fearless beast has always attracted attention. Bright appearance with a luxurious mane, a strong muscular body and impressive grin added the king of beasts of statisti and undeniable superiority. Perhaps that is why the symbolism of the lion so often found in the decoration of houses. Moreover, in various forms, ranging from the decoration of the facade of the house in the form of lion’s head on the wall and lion mask at the door ending big beautiful sculpture of a lion at the entrance to rich Park, a manor house or Palace. Often lions can be found as decorations of the balustrades, for example small white lion great for decorating pillars balusters made of concrete.

In this order, the landlord has selected the sculptures of lions in bronze color. This is one of the most successful colors for this sculpture, as it goes well with almost any type of masonry, whether it a dark shades of chocolate, milk or light brick. Moreover, this paint is perfect for playing in the sun and perfectly brings the winter. The sculpture was ordered in a pair with stands. Stand in the same color – classic bronze.

shipping sculptures Lviv to Belgorod

Special attention in this order should be paid to the history of shipping. we appreciate the transparency of relations between us and our customers and used to tell them everything, including all the risks. When we focus on the fact that we always help the client to bring the matter to the decision. Not just to compromise, but to complete satisfaction. This order with delivery came an incident. But thanks to the prompt action of the Department of settlement of claims of the transport company and patience coupled with common sense customer the situation was corrected fairly quickly. As a result the customer got 2 new lion.

Traditionally, we deliver sculptures for Russia, the transport company, which is the most convenient for the customer. In this case, the choice on the transport company’s Business Lines. Looking ahead to say that despite the fact that we quite often use the services of this transport company, and, by and large, everyone is happy, particularly in this case, we ran into the damage of the cargo. Played by the human factor. Already at the terminal in Belgorod, the staff was treated unfairly in the placement of cargo in the vehicle carrying out the delivery to the house and the goods come with injuries. Not helped even the hard crate.

As soon as we received the news from the client, we immediately begin gathering the necessary documents for compensation of damage, as it is the goods, and all goods sent by us were insured. As a result, less than 2 weeks the money was on the account and at this point we were already a couple of new sculptures in this package, smash which would be possible only in case of total damage to the truck. And here 5 days a satisfied customer sent us a fresh batch of photos of their new guardians.

We are deeply grateful to Andrew for your patience and understanding. Unfortunately, it happens. Not so often, fortunately, but it happens. It is known, there are two problems.. However, as practice shows, if a responsible and purposeful approach to solving such situations, the question is closed quickly. Almost negligible within the time range that is configured by the customer when ordering the product from another city.

Anyway, we are glad that another pair of beautiful lions will be decorating the house good in all respects human! Prepare for Andrew options on the fountains in the spring of 2018:)

Photo of statues of lions in Belgorod

How to buy a sculpture of a lion in Belgorod

If you like this pair of lion sculptures of concrete for home and garden in bronze color, you can order them here – the sculpture of a Royal lion

The cost of the two sculptures with pedestals – 51000руб.

Shipping transport company Business Line to the house will cost 6715руб


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