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The sculpture of eagle on polyshare in antique bronze!

скульптура орла на полушаре

the sculpture of the eagle on polyshare for Perm

The sculpture of eagle on polyshare in antique bronze with outstretched wings prepared for Dmitry from the city of Perm. This sculpture is most often used as a decoration of the front gate of the local area. In most cases, it is set on ledges in the corners of the pediment, columns, fences, pillars gate, the outbuilding roof and the railings on the balconies. The eagle is a symbol of the heights of the spirit, acoustilay with the sun. This ancient symbol represents power, supremacy, rule and vision.

Antique bronze is one of the most successful solutions for this sculpture. This paint in combination with fine black highlights the relief sculpture, and accentuates the details-drawn feathers, claws and muzzle eagle. Antique bronze incredibly nice playing in the sun and goes well with a wide range of colors masonry home. In addition to the visual advantages, this is a very weather-resistant paint.

This order was prepared with the support under the base of the eagle. In addition to practical properties in terms of installation, it adds to the sculpture of an eagle monumentality. A great combination of sculptures in a gorgeous color!

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