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Two bronze lions at the entrance of the house

Bronze lion Statues

Two sculptures Royal lions became the decoration of the entrance to the house. This shade we began to actively use for painting sculptures recently, but it quickly won the love of our customers and became a frequent option when choosing colors for statues. It is particularly well matched with the walls dark brown color. Chocolate shade and antique bronze diluted bronze classic, which adds incredibly beautiful rich lustre.

The reasons for the popularity of lions sculptures

Sculptures Royal lions are very popular thanks to soy universal form. The height of 85cm is a great solution for most homes. They look equally good on a broad front stairs large houses, and the parapets of the small houses. (For those whose cozy nests are comparable in size to the castles of kings we have Imperial lion).

To sculpture offers a small stand size 42cm by 42cm. It is often fixed on tile glue for greater stability. However, the weight of the lion sculpture is so impressive that it is not always necessary to attach it to glue or anchor.

statues of lions in bronze

Order and pay for these sculptures you can on the product page of the Royal lion. We will also help you with delivery and installation. Color to choose from. Production time 3-5days. Service life more than 25 years. Paint requires renewal after an average of 4 years.


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