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Two lion sculptures made of concrete in the Tver region

две скульптуры львов

Two lions of concrete in gold color in the Tver region

The next two sculptures of a lion left to decorate private home in Zavidovo. Sculpture Royal lions concrete gained its popularity thanks to the ingenious shape of a sitting lion with an open mouth. Spectacular musculature, luxurious mane and impressive face of a predator attract the attention of even the most sophisticated audience.

Two lion sculptures at the entrance to the house, the garden, the Park is a classic option for decorating the yard. These predators have always been associated with power, authority, grace and strength. The wide distribution of these sculptures in the era of Neoclassicism. Despite the fact that in our area, these noble predators do not inhabit, the image of a lion all familiar and understandable. The concept “king of animals” requires no explanation. Even the young viewer learns about these sculptures good Levu.

Royal sculptures of lions made of architectural concrete. At observance of all technological standards, products made of this material will last 25 years or more. Resistant exterior paint keeps appearance for 5 years, even in conditions of Russian winter.

Sculpture parameters

The weight of the sculpture substantial – 130 kg, so the installation does not require additional action. In rare cases, such as the installation of sculptures outside of the site, they can additionally be linked with stand and floor tile adhesive for street work. If there is an urgent need to consolidate what is called “forever”, then the stand can be drilled and pinned to the anchor.

To choose available in various colors – gold(as pictured), bronze, antique bronze, white, black.


To order a sculpture of a lion in Tver or Tver region, you need to determine the number and color. Decide for yourself – if you need a stand, since it goes as a separate product (1500R). To prepare the site for installation of the lions. Minimum pad size 420mm*420mm. Are you all ready? You can now go to the order. To order a sculpture, you can online by adding to cart and paying on the website – order a sculpture of a lion or by calling 84950034587. Typically, two lion sculptures in the blanks always in stock. Painting takes 2-3days. The cost of delivery from our plant in Istra to Tver region – 3500r

Total, two lions with stands and delivery to Tver region – 54500р


happy buying!)

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