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White lion statues at the entrance to the house

белые статуи львов

White lion statues at the entrance to the house in Zaoksky district

White lion statues is one of the most common versions of the Royal lion. It is in classic white and antique white this sculpture becomes a unique play of light and shade. The relief of the mane, muscles, fall prey perfectly highlighted by the contrast with white. This option goes well with virtually any type of façade and style of building. Classic. Invincible age-old classic. It is in white color filled with most of the world’s masterpieces in sculpture of stone and marble.

the Newly formed pair of white concrete lions went to decorate the front entrance to the house in Zaoksky district. We have wrote about the symbolism associated with the lion – king of beasts. The most common image that comes to mind at the sight of these concrete detention – noble protector, the Lord of its territory, the brave and the bold predator.

the Sculptures were made with a coating simulating the aging of the sculpture. In the folds of the ruff, in the relief of muscle can be considered a layer of gray color. In addition to the decorative effect of the coating significantly extends the life of paint.

Concrete lion weighs 130 kg, so in addition to fixed by glue or anchor is only in special cases. To buy a sculpture of a lion you can on this page

Buy the concrete sculpture of a lion
white lion statues
sculptures of lions at the entrance to the house

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