самовывоз скульптур

Pickup from our warehouse.

You can always pick up the finished product we stock. Our staff will help with packing and loading products. Year-round, convenient and free transportation to the place of loading. We are waiting for You)


доставка скульптур и фонтанов по Москве

Delivery in Moscow.

We deliver the finished product in Moscow with our own transport or a transport company. If necessary, You can use the service of porters. The shipping cost depends on weight and number of items.

From 1000rub until 8000rub

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Доставка скульптур и фонтанов по области

Delivery in Moscow region.

We will deliver the finished products in the Moscow region in a convenient place and time own transport or transport company. If necessary, you can request the help of the movers. The shipping cost depends on the size and total weight of the products. 

From 1500rub to 10000rub

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Delivery to Russia.

We deliver the finished product in all regions of Russia. We will prepare a request at any convenient for You transport company. Shipment will be insured and delivered to Your home.

According to the tariffs of TK.

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Have more questions on shipping?

      We try to make the process of ordering our sculptures and fountains is simple and convenient. That is why we select for our customers the most optimal solutions for the delivery of all types of products, ranging from small garden figurines to large sculptures and fountains.

The cost and terms of delivery depend on two factors:

  1. dimensions and weight;
  2. the distance from our shop. 

In order to know the approximate cost of delivery of Your product, you need to specify Your contact details and order details. Our specialists will select the optimal solution and will contact You within one working day. Success!

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