Street garden fountains for the garden with delivery to Russia

Garden fountains for the garden

Street garden fountain for the garden – an essential and versatile piece for almost any garden. Classical cascades, the murmur of water, fine color like a magnet to attract your guests, regardless of age and gender. Not for nothing garden fountains have always been a place for meetings and romantic dates. Therefore, one of the main directions of our activity is the production and sale of street garden fountains made of concrete for the home and garden. We create molds for casting of products that allows us to produce unique fountains that meet the classical canons of landscape. You can order classic fountain with two cascades, or fancy fairy fountain with sculptures of mermaids. You can also buy the sculpture for the fountain from the list of our garden statues. For example, garden sculpture Aphrodite great to decorate the Royal fountain. A Roman vase will decorate the pool fountain of the mermaid on the perimeter. You can combine not only the composition of the fountain, but a combination of colors when ordering your unique garden fountain! We will be happy to assist you!

the Production of outdoor garden fountains for the garden

Having our own production we can afford not only the constant control at every stage of production, but also continuous testing of new technologies. For example, recently we discovered a fundamentally new type of protective coating that not only prevents the penetration of moisture (missing pairs), but also protects against re-allocation to efflorescence, which greatly prolongs the service life of products and preserves the original appearance of the paint.

Using high quality white cement, we increase not only the strength characteristics of our products, which is especially important for outdoor garden fountains, but also the appearance, texture, and color. On the strength of such fountains can not speak, because of this cement make military facilities for strategic purposes. We are holding a reasonable threshold of our prices. The cost of the fountain garden white cement in the Royal Architecture is not different from the cost from other manufacturers, which pour their products from conventional construction gray cement with additives.

street garden-fountain

Installing a garden fountain

One of our strengths is the solid bowl of the fountain. It is very convenient, since you don’t need to spend time on Assembly, installation and sealing of individual elements of the sides of the fountain. Enough to prepare a smooth surface of concrete, pavers or sand. Bowl fountain is mandatory is reinforced with a rigid frame. If You already have the flat area with the possibility of approach to it of the crane, then you can feel free to order your fountain online at our website and wait for him in the time convenient for you. Typically, delivery and installation of the fountain takes place in 1-3days.

installation of the fountain
fountain Installation on the New Riga


Equipment for garden fountain

If you get a full set of equipment, including the pump for the fountain of the firm Pondtech with varying maximum height of rise of water, depending on the type of fountain, underwater led lights for ponds and fountains, nozzles set, effectively spraying the water jet with different patterns; remote control, thanks to which you will be able to include your street garden fountain, watching him from the depths of his Cabinet. You can also buy a pump for the fountain and any other equipment separately.